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Licensed Psychologist

Years in Practice: 27 years

School: University of Texas at Austin



The Park

16607 Blanco Rd., Suite 300

San Antonio, Texas 78232


Currently Not Accepting New Patients

*by appointment

(210) 857-4215 Office

(210) 568-2108 fax


Insurances Accepted:

Blue Cross Blue Shield


Private Pay: $130 per session

Payment Accepted:

Credit, Debit, Check, or Cash


Welcome to my website!  I am Dr. Beverly Davis and I want to share with you a little about my approach to psychotherapy. Also, on these few pages you can read about my specialties, office practices, and other information you may need to know to choose a therapist.  If you have more questions please feel free to call me and we can talk about your needs. 


When you first come to therapy you may worry that I will feel bored or burdened if you express the  pain and suffering you feel.  My work has never felt that way to me.  I am honored when a client shares his or her most personal and private experiences.  Sometimes tears are shed in my office, but there is also much laughter.  You may find the work of therapy to be intriguing as you watch issues unfold and deeper layers of yourself are revealed.  I know I am continually challenged in this process, asking myself how to best support your exploration. 


Over the years, I have acquired many tools to help people get as close to the truth of the situation as possible, because the truth is where you find your happiness.  Finding the truth can sometimes be frightening, but in my office you have company on that journey.  And always, at the core of yourself, there is a good person trying first to survive and then to thrive. 


Therapy doesn't have to go on for years, although some people do stay for a while.  There are also those who drop in for a few sessions and go on their way.  If I think I can help you I will let you know, if someone else can help more I will also refer you to another expert. 


I welcome a call from you when the time is right .







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