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There are very few people who don't dream

of a partnership filled with love.  We all want a

partner who can see who we really are, even,

sometimes, see wonderful things in us that

we do not yet see for ourselves.  We want to let

down our guard and still be found lovable.  When a

relationship sours the pain can be unbearable. 

This is a time when we really need help to see if it

can be fixed, if there is still love underneath

the anger and betrayal, to look gently at our

own contributions to the problem. 

Couple's therapy is only for the brave,

but the truth of the situation can help

us face what needs to be done.



Working on the trauma in our lives

can look like therapy--sitting in

the office, facing the therapist, talking. 

But this work is different than psychotherapy. 

Traumatic past events

are held in the body and the

experience of them can

hijack our ability to be present in the moment. 

It is best released by slowing down and

attending to physical sensations

with the guidance of a trained

trauma therapist. 

It can sound scary, but the process is

usually gentle and manageable.


"Directing a chorus of ghosts and the most difficult thing is keeping them focused on the task at hand since most of them are hung up farther back in the past than you'd care to remember."

Brian Andreas

"The first time they met, time stopped and when it finally began again, they laughed with relief because it wasn't too late to have the whole rest of their lives together."

Brian Andreas




Craniosacral therapy is a kind of energy work that has been around for over 100 years. The work is subtle and so are the effects. It can help calm the nervous system, release held energies from traumatic experiences, and speed the healing of injuries and surgeries. Everybody is built around a blueprint, the perfect form of you. Cranial work can remind your body of its perfection and help it move toward health.


"If there is any secret to this life I live this is it:  the sound of what cannot be seen sings within everything that can and there is nothing more to it than that."

Brian Andreas

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