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Individual Therapy


One of the wonderful

things about therapy is that the hour is all about you. Many of the rules of social interaction don't apply in the therapy hour.  I am

here to listen to you and together we will work

on the issues that brought you to my office. 

You may want to express and explore thoughts or feelings that are shameful to you, or share a reaction to something I said.  You don't have to listen to how my day is going or worry if you have hurt my feelings. 

Life is short and you probably want to get on with your plans... or make some.




Family Therapy


Why is it that we are hardest on those who are closest to us?  Much of the time families just limp along never really becoming the amazing healing force that can make room for every eccentric, flawed member, that can find the

love in a painful argument, that can be the support most people only dream of having.  When families are in a crisis it is time to grab your opportunity and find a person who can guide all of you to improve on the family

system that can have your back in hard times.  I know what you are thinking, "She just doesn't know my family or she wouldn't be so hopeful."  Well, maybe there is no hope. 

You can't find out until you try. 

"Your job is to focus on my happiness, she said and I've got big plans so break time is over."

Brian Andreas

"I told him if he kept being mean to his brother he might come back as a rodent in his next life and he shrugged and said that's the chance he'd have to take."

Brian Andreas

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psychotherapy san antonio therapy psychologist




Depression is a chemical imbalance in the

body's system.  It is a real disorder that affects

mood, sleep, appetite, energy, memory, thoughts and feelings, and it should be treated or it can 

etch permanent pathways in one's life that are negative and unhappy.  The things that a person

 tends to do when depressed, like withdraw, avoid social contacts, quit exercising,

are what make matters worse.  Although you cannot

will yourself out of depression,

you can move your body, call a friend,

get busy on your very

gentle-and-understanding-of-your situation to-do list. 

Also, psychotherapy has been found

to be very helpful.



Times of transition are rough because in them parts of our identity are challenged and we lose a sense of certainty about who we are.  This is a good thing in the long run because who we are is much greater than who we see ourselves to be.  But in the moment of transition we can feel afraid, ungrounded, and lost, maybe not even liking parts of ourselves that pop up.  If we can stay present in those moments we will be rewarded with more freedom, space, and confidence.


"Deciding everything

is falling into place


as long as you

don't get

too picky about place.

Or perfectly."

Brian Andreas

psychotherapy san antonio therapy psychologist
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